How can marketing automation tools help businesses stay ahead in today’s increasingly competitive landscape?

For one, by allowing companies to automate various repetitive tasks like targeted emails. And by helping create more dynamic content and getting better insights on various critical parameters affecting their marketing strategies. Or by simple tasks such as posting the same message over on different social media handles without manual intervention. All of these eventually help them generate a more qualified and larger number of leads.

Let’s focus on email marketing for now since it’s one of the most ignored yet the most profitable channels of digital marketing. Some facts to get started on why we think email marketing is an important tool in every digital marketing strategy:

72% of people prefer to receive promotional content through emails – Marketing Sherpa

For every $1 spent, email marketing generates $38 in revenue- Campaign Monitor

Email is 40x more effective at acquiring more customers than Facebook or TwitterCampaign Monitor

If an email marketing strategy is important for every business, equally important is the email automation tool to implement the strategy. An email automation tool helps you not only create targeted campaigns based on demographics, buyer behavior patterns, lead life cycle, but also helps in data enrichment through progressive profiling and tracking success metrics among others.

Targeted campaigns drive a 760% increase in revenue as compared to one size fit all- Campaign Monitor

Given the importance of the correct email automation tool, find out 4 key factors you should consider to choose one or even to evaluate the one that you may be using:

  1. Cost: Let’s face it, marketing budgets are limited and digital marketing budgets are only about 25% of that – so before you jump in to pick any automation tool that promises exotic features, it’s always better to do a cost-benefit analysis. Some email automation tools may seem affordable when you start but they become painfully hard to manage and expensive when you keep adding more and more contacts to your database. It’s always advisable to do thorough research. Even better may be to leverage a vendor like SLK Global Solutions which has built a ready infrastructure & has the manpower available to help you not only automate your email campaigns but also keep adding relevant prospects to your database while giving you around 60% savings on your cost. 
  1. Ease of Use: While all email automation tools highlight visual email builders & easy to use interfaces, some are far better than others. Some tools can help you create a mobile friendly template in minutes, while others can take you hours to create a template acceptable on a mobile device. Again you can spend a lot of resources and time evaluating various tools or you can simply move all this work to a vendor like SLK Global as they have experience with and work with the best tools to create the most dynamic and responsive content for you.

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  1. Combination of CRM & Email automation: Unless you have a large enterprise services department and prefer to have two different tools – one to manage your emails and campaigns, and another specialized one for managing valuable information about your leads & customers, it makes perfect sense to choose a platform that seamlessly integrates with your CRM helping you trigger the right emails to the right people at the right time. This can both save you time and help you get the right messaging out.
  1. Analytics: Whether your business is small, medium or large – the faster you determine what’s working in your campaigns and adjust, the better it is. Unfortunately, reporting & analytics is something which is still being worked on by many email marketing tools. It is critical for every marketer to understand what subject lines drive more opens & engagements, when to include the prospect’s or customer’s name in the subject line, or even whether including statistics in the subject line or body of the email does the magic. You need an understanding of what day is the best day for sending what kind of emails, what time is the perfect time to drive more engagement, and many other factors that drive whether your emails are being read or not. You can either try to learn the art of data analytics or switch to a vendor like SLK Global Solutions who give you all these and many more critical business insights helping you generate more qualified leads and helping you maintain a positive brand image.

We would love to get your thoughts. Comment below about your favorite email automation tool & how you are using email marketing to increase sales & drive customer retention. Alternatively, you can reach out us via email by clicking here.


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