Most businesses, big or small, now understand the value of digital marketing & how critical a role something like email marketing strategy plays in digital marketing. Read our other blogs if you still doubt how digital and email market fits into the marketing strategy: 4 Reasons why email marketing is a “must have” & Your email marketing: 4 effective ways to generate more leads.  

But how you do you execute on a perfect email campaign strategy?

Let’s start by answering some questions: 

How would you rank your team on a 3-point scale (poor, average, good) on the below metrics? 

  • Copywriting
  • Graphic design
  • Data management & building
  • Analytics & reporting
  • HTML coding
  • A/B testing

If the answer to any of the above is average or ok<, then you are probably not maximizing your ROI on email marketing efforts & cost. That’s where outsourced & experienced vendors like SLK Global Solutions can help. When you factor in the time, resource & overhead costs needed to develop a result driven & exceptional in-house team, it’s usually easier, quicker and cheaper to hire an experienced service provider that can give you far more effective results. 

Remember for every $1 spent on email, the ROI can be $38! 

So let’s talk about some key reasons to use an experienced service provider with marketing expertise, and why you should be outsourcing your email marketing services to someone like SLK Global 

Here are key reasons to outsource your email marketing services: 

1. Cost & Time: Let’s face it – as marketers, our budget is always limited and we are expected to get the best results within these tightly defined budgets. Developing a team internally with the required skill set and needed technology infrastructure is going to inflate your costs to a large extent. Let’s not ignore the regular training, certifications & technology upgrade which would be needed periodically. On the other hand, outsourcing email marketing to a vendor who has the ready manpower, skill set, and technology infrastructure in place can help you reduce your marketing costs by up to 60%Plus you don’t have the headache of getting the right people for the skilled work in a new area of expertise and can concentrate on what you do best – running the business.

2. Expertise & employing best practices:  In this ever-changing landscape of email marketing, you need to be on top of your game to be always visible to your prospects and have the brand presence you want. Let’s admit it – it’s not just you who emails your prospects and your email probably has about 10 seconds to create an impact or end up in the trash folder – and that too, only if you have mastered the art of creating a perfect subject line which would lead to your email getting opened in the first place. There are providers who have the expertise, in the specific industry you are in – say Title Insurance, Mortgage vendor services, and others – who allow you to access their industry email marketing expertise, without additional overheadsThese vendors ensure that their team is up-to-date with the latest trends & implement industry accepted best practices to ensure that you get the best return on your investment.

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3. Access to the latest technology platform: Starting from creating the most dynamic content to ensuring that your email campaign gives you the needed conversions, every step of the way is influenced by using the right technology platform that will give you the edge over others. Having said that, deploying multiple technology platforms for various aspects of marketing can be both expensive & time consuming (in terms of buying, implementing, training your staff, upgrading the platform), especially if you are not making full use of it, and using it regularly. Outsourcing all this to an experienced vendor like SLK Global Solutions can help you reduce your overhead costs drasticallyPlus you have professionals who are already trained and ready to use these platforms to the best of its ability to give you the results you need.

4. Get the best insights & analytics to ensure successYou may have your target market narrowed down, created the best email and ensured that you included the best offer to get your prospects interested – but you may still not be satisfied with the results, as they are not engaging with youYou may soon be frustrated trying to understand what could be wrong! The key, at that point, is to identify what, in the long chain of marketing and sales cycle, is specifically going wrong for your particular situationAre you getting critical inputs on what’s working versus what’s not? If you feel that data analytics is not your strength, then the best way out is to utilize a vendor who has experts handling data analytics to ensure that you get the best analysis and actionable intelligence – be it on the kind of subject line to be used, the number of characters your email should have what day & time your email should be sent and multiple such items that affect whether you do get a response to your email campaigns 

What our experience tells us is that email marketing, and digital marketing in general, is a fairly sophisticated art, yet something that can be made into a set of very effective processes with experience and the right people. And this is something that may be best outsourced to someone who has the experience in your industry, and the process knowledge to deliver successful results over time. 

We would love to get your thoughts. Comment below? and let us know what you think of the above ideas & how you are using email marketing to increase sales & drive customer retention.? Alternatively,?you can reach out to us via email by clicking here.?? 


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