Where should you invest your marketing dollars?

Well, you simply need to identify the best channels or mediums, yet be very cost-effective while doing so. The focus should not only be to get the maximum exposure, but also on mediums in which you can track your ROI. After all, you won’t want to invest in something which is not going to deliver the results you want.

Email marketing is one of the most successful as well as cost-effective solutions in marketing. If you are not using it, then you are missing out on a real good opportunity for a simple reason: Emails gives you the power to reach your customer’s inbox – a place they visit the most.

Studies show 72% people prefer to receive promotional content through email! –Marketing Sherpa

Here are 4 reasons why email marketing is a must have in your digital marketing strategy:

  1. Email has the highest ROI: According to Campaign Monitor, for every $1 spent, email marketing generates $38 in ROI. Given this, it is a no brainer for companies to adopt email marketing and make it the most effective channel for lead generation. Unlike social media, in email marketing, you are in complete control over what information you want to share, with whom you want to share and your audience category. Most of all, unlike social media, 90% of the time your message gets delivered to your target audience.

 For every $1 spent, email marketing generates $38 in ROI

  1. It’s personal & customizable: Starting from using the person’s name or the company name in the subject line, all the way to mobile responsive content, emails are the most customizable format any marketer can use. Unlike social media, by using the right software you can further create the desired segmentation & split topics for certain members in email marketing. This ensures you target the right demographics thus driving better engagement and eventually higher conversions.

Emails with subject lines that include the recipient’s name are 26 times more likely to be opened

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  1. It’s measurable: There’s no guesswork in email marketing unless you are not using any email marketing software. With the right technology platform, you can track who all received your email, who opened it, who clicked on the links in your email, along with who forwarded your email. Not only this, but with the right reporting & analytics, over time, you can even know what topics work versus what does not work, how many characters or words in your subject line get people to open the email, should your emails be long or short, what content is best for your specific audience, and many other such critical parameters which can help you shape your future campaigns and generate more business.

There is no guessing in email marketing unless you are not using any email marketing software

  1. It’s economical & cost-effective: Email marketing can help you reach a large number of people in your target audience at a very low cost. You can do email marketing yourself. Even better is to have vendor partners who have the ideal combination of manpower and technology infrastructure readily available to carry out your email campaigns so that you can focus on your core business. Vendors like SLK Global Solutions can help you increase your prospect database, create and execute compelling & focused emails and give you intelligent and action driven insights to generate more business at the lowest optimized cost.

As a marketer, you may have many channels available to reach your target audience but with the constraints of a budget and limited resources, choosing the right cost-effective partner can shape your marketing success.


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