We are at the dawn of the AI revolution & the industry has already got a good sense of how artificial intelligence can impact in the field of digital marketing. The use of AI has a direct correlation in improving the customer experience as it boosts efficiency.

In the beginning, the idea of using AI for marketing did not see much confidence among marketers but as advancements in AI kept taking place, there is less chaos when it comes to the results it provides.

51% of marketers are already using AI in some form & 27% more are planning to incorporate this technology in 2019 – Salesforce research

Of the marketers who are already using AI, 64% say that it has greatly increased their overall marketing efficiency – Salesforce research

Here’s how implementing AI as a part of your digital marketing strategy can help you improve your digital marketing.

1. Improvised Personalization: Personalization was the buzzword for marketing in 2018 & this trend will become even more important over the next year and beyond. The way your customers react to marketing messages keep changing & traditional methods are no longer as effective as they were once. Most of your customers will ignore your message if it is not tailored to their location or demographics.

90% of brands will use some form of marketing personalization by 2020- Gartner

By constantly analyzing customer data, AI algorithms help marketers to offer a very personalized customer experience.

2. Efficient content creation: It is true that creating content is a human thing but as a matter of fact a bulk of content creation is repetitive & meanwhile machines have improved writing to such a point that it is hard to tell the difference. It is now becoming increasingly possible to create auto-generating marketing emails at scale, where each recipient gets their very own personalized content basis their interests.

3. Predictive analytics will see greater applicability: The emergence of big data and AI has opened up immense possibilities in digital marketing. Marketing campaigns can make use of various measured activities to deliver better performance & increased ROI. Predictive analytics will see a greater application to get better customer insights, meaningful lead scoring, better lead nurturing campaigns, upsell & cross-sell, increased personalized product recommendation.

4. Save BIG on time & money: While marketing automation has been around for quite some-time now yet an AI-powered automation software can help you as marketer ramp thing up a gear. AI-powered tools can not only help you decide what content to create but also when and how to publish it. By leveraging such AI-powered tools, marketers often free themselves up to focus more on creating effective strategies.

While the usage of AI is certainly the way ahead for digital marketing, leveraging an experienced service provider for your marketing automation can help you make this transition a very smooth and effortless affair. Do let us know what you think of the blog by posting your comments below. To know how we can help you in your digital marketing reach to us by clicking here.

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