As a title company, the more you reach out into your community the better are the chances of finding potential home buyers & sellers to promote your services. Even getting businesses from mortgage companies require you to work hard on building strong relationships, especially if the mortgage company is not local. Even more important, it is critical that your brand is engaged with your potential customers all the time so that when a need arises, they contact you.

That’s where your marketing team will play a critical role. Having a robust marketing strategy will help your company reach out to potential customers in the most cost-effective way. Right from content generation to attending the right events, a user-friendly website to strong SEO/PPC campaigns – and everything in between. There are multiple mediums title agents can use to get in front of their potential customers & in-turn generate more leads & turn them into successful business customers.

All smart businesses realize that digital marketing is both a science & an art. According to ALTA, there are 3 major challenges title companies face when it comes to marketing.

  1. Lack of a clear strategy
  2. The continuous need for leads
  3. Lack of a system to efficiently close sales

With the help of the right technology & manpower, title companies can have all the tools they need to market their business to the right audience. Here are 4 tips to jump-start your digital marketing strategy:

1. Develop an efficient email campaign: No matter what the target audience is, these days an efficient email campaign is the most powerful tool to get new leads and to nurture your prospects & existing leads. Ideally, a well-defined campaign strategy will funnel potential clients through a series of well-defined steps that lead to them signing up as a long-term customer. Since email engagement rates are universally low, email campaigns require experience and skills to execute.

email social media
EMAIL                                                                                             SOCIAL MEDIA

Source: Optinmonster

The average open rate of emails for the real estate industry is about 20% with an engagement rate of 2% – Smart Insights

If you want to know more on why having an efficient email marketing strategy is such a critical part of your marketing strategy, read our blog  “4 Reasons why email marketing is a “must have””

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2. Develop a valuable content marketing strategy: Not a lot of people will like it if you just keep pushing your products every time you have an interaction with them. The better approach is to keep giving them valuable information and relevant content, talk about the industry, the challenges associated with title insurance and the best ways to resolve these issues. By doing so, you are not only building your credibility as a subject matter expert but also keeping your prospects engaged. A well-written blog is a very good content marketing strategy. Blogs are a fantastic way to boost your SEO & it builds a positive reputation online. Regularly writing content ensures that your prospects can come back to your website, and if the content is good enough, see answers to their more immediate questions.

3. Ensure a user-friendly website: Have you ever reached a website page, only to close it because it does not load fast enough or is hard to read on a mobile device? Your website has become the go-to resource for your prospects searching for information on you or wanting to know more about your service offerings. If you do not have a mobile-friendly website, you run the risk of not engaging your viewers, or worse giving them a negative image of your company – thus losing out on potential sales. Having a secure & regularly updated website designed to function on any device is essential for all title insurance companies.

4. Having a great SEO strategy: SEO, an ever-evolving area of digital marketing, can help make your services and offerings visible online. By having efficient link-building techniques & relevant keywords, and on-page and off-page SEO, title insurance companies have experienced an increase in traffic to their websites which eventually increases the chances of final sales. You may have a great website, but it will be of no use if it is not found by google or bing and other search engines.

So, now you know some key ways to leverage digital marketing to build your brand presence and boost sales. Do let us know your thoughts on which of these you are already using, if any, by emailing And, of course, we are ready to help if you need it. To know more about our cost-effective digital marketing services, click here.

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