At SLK Global strong employee connect is one of our main focus areas. Under Covid 19 situation communication is mainly dependent on technology. However the need communication under work from home scenario has gone up several notches. Considering above, COO Deepak Bhatia started a series of virtual employee connects – “COO’Live with Deepak Bhatia”.

Since our first COO’Live connect on 26th March, over 11 such Live events, with close to 7000+ employee touch points have been established through this forum alone. Recently Deepak connected with 4000+ employees of SLK Global India and Manila in 2 different Live forum to EMPOWER + ASK + LISTEN while announcing SLK Global’s achievements and future plans.

In the last COO’Live session Deepak announced how SLK Global in the last 3 months has:

  1. Enabled close to 98.2% employees working remotely and as a part of our essential services; maintaining a strict vigil on employee safety, customer delight and data security
  2. Signed up new businesses and clients
  3. Handling significant rise in volumes across businesses. This happened because SLK continued to be operational while some of its peers could not.
  4. Hired 500+ resources; of which 11 are senior leaders, with 330+ open indents
  5. Announced ;a. Salary Increments and Promotions effective from 1st Apr’20
    b. Variable pay and Pay for Performance for FY 19-20
    c. Rewards & Recognition

We have proved that when the going gets tough, the tough gets going. The situation brought with it some challenges and big opportunities that have catapult SLK Global to emerge as champions drivers. This has great similarity to Formula 1 (F1) racing where the champion drivers takes a lead and other drivers lag behind in the sharp turns. This pandemic has proven to be a sharp turn for SLK Global Solution when we are zooming ahead of our peers.

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