When a team of our executives attended the Mortgage Bankers Association’s annual Commercial Mortgage Servicing & Technology Conference earlier this year, the intent was to find out what was on the minds of today’s most successful commercial mortgage services.

Much of what our team learned at the show confirmed what we already know about this complex segment of the industry, but there were some new concerns we picked up in the meeting rooms and hallways of this important show. You may have read some of those insights in an article written by Dustin Smith in MBA Insights.

A Clear Call for Support

One message our executives heard a number of times during the event was that commercial servicers were seeking qualified partners to provide quality support. We heard them talking about it in terms of helping them service large pools of single family residential loans, helping them outsource other processes, and helping them get access to better technology.

Most of the executives we heard from at the show were seeking increased efficiencies, to make better use of staff time, speed up processes, and save money. More than a few of those we visited with expressed some dissatisfaction with the vendors they already employed and were kicking tires.

We love these conversations. To us, it means that the industry is getting healthier and that executives working in the servicing industry know that there are better options out there to meet their needs. They were certainly searching for them at the recent show.

All in all, we had more substantive conversations at this year’s show than any of the recent commercial mortgage servicing shows we have attended. It made for an interesting event and one that we will look forward to attending next year. Find out more about what we learned at the show by finding Dustin’s article on MBA Insights. To know more about SLK Global and our mortgage solutions, reach us at solutions@slkglobalsolution.com or visit https://www.slkglobalsolution.com.

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