1 Customer

  • Issuing bank client of a leading card payment processing company

2 Business Situation

  • Primary challenges faced in Disputes Processing:
    • Providing superior turn time to customers while managing regulatory changes
    • Maintaining service levels while reducing costs

3 Solutioning

  • Client & SLK partnered on a complimentary Strategic Value Assessment
  • Roadmap of outsourcing based on complexity, risk and potential automation possibility

4 Execution

  • Initial processes identified included Merchant Deal Boarding and Scan & Image Matching
  • Later phases covered Merchant Maintenance, Pricing & PCI, Disputes & Chargebacks, Representments, 2nd Chargebacks, Merchant Downloads, Research

5 Value Delivered

Improved turn time management
  • Turn time goals achieved 98% (earlier 81%)
Significant cost savings ~40%
Enhanced customer satisfaction
  • Reduced aging and Inventory
  • Maintained quality levels

Well done, gentlemen. Thanks again for the focus. Thanks to the team for working this backlog down. It’s very much appreciated

Director, Merchant Services

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