1 Customer

  • A Top 3 U.S. Appraisal Management Company

2 Business Situation

  • The client had 14 different processes of varying complexity and they wanted to:
    • Reduce cycle time for appraisal reviews
    • Increase production hours to cover different time zones
    • Reduce cost

3 Solutioning

  • SLK used SmarTrans® methodology to build a roadmap for outsourcing
  • Plan was based on complexity, risk and potential automation possibility
  • Processes were prioritized into quick impact versus complex

4 Execution

  • Hired 60 FTEs in 5 weeks including SMEs and experienced resources
  • Mix of both onsite as well as remote training models was utilized

5 Value Delivered

Reduced cycle time
  • 20% reduction in turn times (5.8 days to 5.3)
Cost savings achieved quickly
  • Quick implementation of 14 different processes
  • Remote transitions for quicker breakeven/ cost savings

We are very appreciative of your commitment to this partnership. Every day yields greater validation that we made the right choice with SLK. We are looking forward to expanding the relationship to its fullest.

Chief Operating Officer of AMC

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