1 Customer

  • Top U.S. Retail/ Wholesale Mortgage Originator

2 Business Situation

  • Needed a roadmap for outsourcing to increase capacity, reduce cost
  • Inefficiencies in loan origination cycle:
    • Errors, High Turn time, Multiple operations locations, Non-standardized procedures

3 Solutioning

  • Onsite study & creation of outsourcing roadmap through
  • SmartTrans® methodology
  • Detailed process maps, standard operating procedures and checklists created

4 Execution

  • Phase 1: Started with Wholesale channel
  • Phase 3: Services were extended to Retail Channel
  • Phase 5: 100% increase in outsourced mortgage staff; now managing 80% of the bank’s origination back-office functions

5 Value Delivered

Significant Improvements in End to End Mortgage Lifecycle
  • Improved turn time in Loan Registration - 48 hours to 2 hours
  • 22% reduction in loan approval time
  • Quality score above 97%
  • Flexible staffing to handle volume fluctuations; converted fixed to variable cost
  • SLK handles volume fluctuations

We are very happy to have such wonderful partners at SLK that constantly strive for perfection! Your production and quality numbers are always great and we greatly appreciate your hard work and dedication

Execution & Imaging Manager

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