1 Customer

  • Top 25 U.S. Lender by mortgage origination volume

2 Business Situation

  • Multiple challenges in loan closing
  • Customer dissatisfaction issues due to
    • Approved HUD not being sent to funding in time
    • ‘Rush’ closings missing deadlines

3 Solutioning

  • SLK used its SmartTrans® framework to streamline the customer’s origination lifecycle
  • Analyzed reasons for files being ‘pended’ and fixed upstream processes

4 Execution

  • Redesigned capacity plan with staggered shifts matched to inflow of loans
  • Pre-assigned all files 52 hours prior to closing
  • Proactive capacity planning & management by monitoring the closing pipeline

5 Value Delivered

Improved customer satisfaction from meeting deadlines
  • 50% of the loans processed 24 hours before closing time
More than 80% of ‘rush’ orders turned around within 2 hours
Average time for “Loan assigned for closing” to “HUD approved” reduced by 25%

BIG THANKS to our SLK HUD Review and Funding team. By pulling in additional resources you were able to deliver more than double your current daily capacity. It is this sort of agility that makes you a valued partner.

Mortgage Outsourcing Operations Manager

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