1 Customer

  • Leading nationwide Appraisal Management Company (AMC)

2 Business Situation

  • Customer looking to:
    • Reduce turn time
    • Increase coverage hours to support all time zones
    • Manage cost pressures from increasing cost of managing regulations

3 Solutioning

  • Client & SLK partnered on a complimentary Strategic Value Assessment
  • Roadmap of outsourcing based on complexity, risk and potential automation possibility

4 Execution

  • Initial processes identified included Order Entry, Purchase Agreement Needed, FHA Case # Needed and Initial QC Reviews
  • Later phases covered Document Review (Appraiser License and E&O Insurance), Re-Reviews and Post Complete Revisions

5 Value Delivered

Improved customer service using 24-hour shifts
Significant cost savings ~30%
Flexibility to expand operations without adding fixed cost (handled up to 25% additional volumes when required)

We are very appreciative of your commitment to this partnership. Every day yields greater validation that we made the right choice with SLK.

Chief Operating Officer of AMC

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