1 Customer

  • A Top 20 U.S. Bank’s Commercial, Consumer and Enterprise data groups

2 Business Situation

  • Multiple providers were engaged in developing data quality rules across lines of businesses
  • SLK added as a consultant to improve data consistency and quality
  • SLK found poor data quality dimensions implemented -making the data inconsistent for further business analysis and marketing

3 Solutioning

  • SLK performed comprehensive current state analysis on the perception of data quality and its varied impacts
  • Designed an operating model to ensure completeness and accuracy of data

4 Execution

  • Built data quality rules with standard data dimensions
  • Prepared use-cases for further monitoring and reporting

5 Value Delivered

  • Based on results, SLK made the sole vendor for Bank’s data quality program
    • 30% -40% improvement in data quality
    • Over 95% data completeness achieved

The team continues to demonstrate gains in knowledge and insight. They apply it daily and do this with the most wonderful demeanor.

Program Governance Manager

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