1 Customer

  • Nationwide appraisal management company

2 Business Situation

  • Needed quick ramp up of 50+ FTEs within 6 weeks
  • SLK had to build process and industry expertise in appraisal management services

3 Solutioning

  • SLK hired a seasoned Subject Matter Expert and experienced resources to jumpstart the team
  • Training module created for the Mortgage Cycle and appraisal management overview
  • Quick Reference Guides were created for the team

4 Execution

  • One on One “on the job” training sessions conducted
  • Only certified resources were allowed independent live production work
  • Evaluation of resources and up-skilling at regular intervals

5 Value Delivered

Increased quality and efficiency
  • Quality improved from 68% at client location to 96% at SLK
  • Efficiency increased from 65% to 98% for the order entry team
  • SLA targets were met in 5 weeks against a baseline of 6 weeks

We are very appreciative of your commitment to this partnership. Every day yields greater validation that we made the right choice with SLK.

Chief Operating Officer of AMC

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