1 Customer

  • A large Specialty Insurance company in the U.S.

2 Business Situation

  • Average handling time per document was high resulting in longer data entry turn times
  • Productivity Rate - 19 docs per hour per person

3 Solutioning

  • Independent teams created to support end client accounts
  • Created a knowledge base of standard operating procedures to enable quicker information dissemination

4 Execution

  • Rigorous training for each team based on client specific requirements and types of documents supported.
  • Cross trained teams

5 Value Delivered

32% improvement in productivity
  • From 19 docs per hour to 25 docs per hour
Accuracy and turn time levels maintained above service-level agreements for all 26 end-clients that was being serviced by the customer

We would like to express our appreciation for the outstanding service we have received.  It is a partnership that fosters productive interactions, dedicated resources to improving quality and production numbers. We value your teams service in helping us reach our service-level agreements with our clients.

SVP, Lender Solutions

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