1 Customer

  • Top 20 U.S. commercial bank

2 Business Situation

  • Contact Center handles more than 120 sub processes based on customer issues and resolution paths
  • Challenge to have separate skilled resources & training for each type activity

3 Solutioning

  • Effective documentation of processes for redundancy and risk reduction
  • “Cross-skilling matrix” to organize and manage the resources
  • Processes ‘bucketed’ and mapped based on complexity, knowledge required

4 Execution

  • Use of global workforce to reduce costs
  • Product knowledge tests to assess training gaps
  • Database used to match processor based on training & to manage daily workforce requirements

5 Value Delivered

Quicker response time that enhanced customer satisfaction
  • 27 different mailboxes responded to within 30 minutes
  • Spikes in volumes managed using cross-trained staff
  • 5 process types managed per FTE
35% cost savings delivered from day one 

SLK has done such a good job of training its team and reducing the amount of escalated items and questions. The team logs items correctly and provides excellent feedback.

AVP, Commercial Execution

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