1 Customer

  • Residential Mortgage operations at a leading US Bank

2 Business Situation

  • Monthly volume 10,000 loans: unable to handle high influx of volume in the last week of the month
  • Regular volume: challenge in processing the volume received outside forecasted levels

3 Solutioning

  • SLK analyzed the average and peak volumes and the occurrence patterns
  • Created a team which had prior experience with processes with large volume fluctuations

4 Execution

  • Mapped the skill sets of the resources and identified ones who could be cross-trained
  • Cross trained and certified each agent on a minimum of two processes

5 Value Delivered

Managed high volumes through across training
  • Reduction in overtime billing costs by 45%
  • By using effective cross training; additional 10% capacity increase
  • Cross training enabled critical processes to meet turn time for tasks outside the service levels / forecasted volume

BIG THANKS to our SLK HUD Review and Funding team for closing/ funding 166 loans today. By pulling in additional resources you were able to deliver more than double your current daily capacity. It is this sort of agility that makes you a valued partner.

Mortgage Outsourcing Execution Manager

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