1 Customer

  • Top 20 Commercial Bank with Participation loans

2 Business Situation

  • Errors in monitoring participation loans due to loan specific variations
  • Inconsistent notice documents - difficult to interpret instructions
  • Processing volume variations up to 300% at month & quarter end

3 Solutioning

  • Onsite SmartTransTM assessment
  • Streamlined the process to reduce duplication/ rework
  • Developed specific training methodology

4 Execution

  • Managed volume fluctuation by cross training resources
  • Dedicated quality team assigned to monitor quality
  • Suggested improvements in platform to increase stability

5 Value Delivered

50% reduction in exception transactions (from 12% to 6%)
Improved quality from 90.48% to 99.35%
Volume variations of 300% managed by cross-training resources

Thank you for the hard work & dedication. The quality target has been met or exceeded …let’s keep up the great work!

Commercial Servicing Customer Care Manager

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