1 Customer

  • Issuing bank client of a leading card payment processing company

2 Business Situation

  • Needed to reduce backlog in Deal Boarding (Research & Re-key) due to surge in business volume
  • Set aggressive target turn time of 7 days: 5 for Research & 2 for Rekey
  • Accuracy set at 98%

3 Solutioning

  • Hired and trained resources quickly for Research
  • Moved trained resources to the more complex Rekey process

4 Execution

  • Used exhaustive progressive checklist which was used for every single case
  • Cross training of other existing maintenance teams to manage additional volumes

5 Value Delivered

Reduced turn time significantly
  • Achieved average turn time of 3 days against 7 days target
  • Backlog of 3 times monthly volume cleared in 1 month
Reduced error rates
  • 88% error reduction achieved in 5 months

99.29% accuracy SLA adherence is awesome work guys! Please extend my congratulations to the team.

Director, Merchant Services

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