1 Customer

  • A Top 10 Lender Solutions Provider

2 Business Situation

  • Fluctuating volumes of Title Search requests for loan portfolios
  • Quality & Turn Time issues with existing suppliers

3 Solutioning

  • Use of SmartProp® for order placement, tracking and fulfillment
  • Use of streamlined processing & a robust abstractor network for the best turn-times and prices

4 Execution

  • Deployed independent teams for sub-functions, and for 100% Quality Review
  • Cross trained teams used to manage high volume batches
  • Continuous training programs

5 Value Delivered

Reduced turn time:
  • By 70% for batch orders
  • By 50% for regular orders
Customized Reports
Flat pricing offered for batches

Great month team!  Definitely pleased with the performance

Director, Title Vendor Management

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