1 Customer

  • California based Insurance broker

2 Business Situation

  • Manual comparison of data between ACORD application, Quote, Binder and Policy is a time-intensive process
  • Reviews are performed only on 20% of the population
  • Challenge to achieve expected quality and turn time

3 Solutioning

  • Any data differences between the ACORD application, Quote, Binder, and policy constitute a critical compliance error
  • An increase in the sample size would result in substantial increase in cost
  • Not completing the policy audit results in non-identification of potential defects. 

4 Execution

  • The Copasys® solution
    • Accessed readily available data from client systems and implemented OCR tools for data extraction
    • Configured rules in the application as per different business scenarios to meet testing objectives of the process
    • Validated and deployed the automated solution in client’s production environment
    • Application performs an automated review of policies against pre-defined rules. Any exceptions which require manual review were sent to the team.
    • Review team took actions only on exceptions

5 Value Delivered

  • Increased efficiency by eliminating manual steps in workflow management.
  • 100% QC Coverage
  • 100% accuracy on all automated tests
  • Reduced manual review by 95%.
  • Reduced cost of QC by 2 times