1 Customer

  • Top 5 U.S. Merchant acquirer and payment processor

2 Business Situation

  • Primary challenges:
    • Needed to improve service levels
    • Needed to reduce cost
    • Compete in a highly demanding market

3 Solutioning

  • Client & SLK partnered on a complimentary Strategic Value Assessment
  • Roadmap of outsourcing based on complexity, risk and potential automation possibility

4 Execution

  • Initial processes included Merchant Deal Boarding and Scan & Image Matching
  • Later phases covered Merchant Maintenance, Pricing & PCI, Disputes & Chargebacks, Representments, 2nd Chargebacks, Merchant Downloads

5 Value Delivered

Quality improvement from 97.8% to 99.7%
Improved turnaround employing layered shifts
Flexibility to handle up to 25% additional volumes at no additional cost
Significant cost savings from labor cost arbitrage and transactional pricing

Really excellent results! I appreciate everyone putting the focus on Turn time and Quality such that we look to be very stable now. Thanks for everything you and the team have done to make us a success!

Director, Merchant Services

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