1 Customer

  • The largest commercial mortgage servicer

2 Business Situation

  • Total tax amount reported annually - ~$1.4B
  • Total tax paid out annually - ~ $403M
  • Needed to eliminate tax payment delays to avoid penalties

3 Solutioning

  • RETS platform implemented as it offers customized solutions based on the portfolio characteristics
  • Tracking & payment of property taxes on escrow & non escrow properties

4 Execution

  • Service levels achieved for a client portfolio in one year:
    • Reported 99.1% parcels within SLA
    • Exceeded SLA by 10 days on 85.08% of the portfolio

5 Value Delivered

99.999% accuracy in tax payment processing
  • Claims of only $3,875 on total paid out of $403M
Proactive avoidance of penalties
  • 99.1% of parcels reported 10 days before Economic Loss Date
Lower Pricing
  • 20% lower than competition

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