1 Customer

  • A national leader for title and escrow services

2 Business Situation

  • Lack of scalability using multiple vendors and processes for tax and municipal lien search
  • Diverse pipeline of cycle time requirements ranging from 30-90 days
  • Surge in REO/Default volume with extended timeframes
  • No efficient tracking in place to ensure searches were current through variable closing dates

3 Solutioning

  • SmartTrak® solution used to streamline tax and municipal lien search processing nationwide
  • Created custom tracking algorithm between initial search and closing to automate search updates and block problem driven delays

4 Execution

  • All tax and municipal lien search request/queries centralizes for quicker handling times and better customer experience
  • Redesigned capacity plan with staggered shifts matched to volume flux
  • Proactively monitoring closings and providing automatic updates without customer intervention

5 Value Delivered

Best-in-class cost control, fast turn time, and highly scalable
  • Successfully managed volume flux while maintaining consistent quality and quick turn times across all cities and states with 30-fold efficiency lift
  • Reduced search costs by 40%
  • Eliminated the need for customer to maintain costly resources to handle prolonged REO/Default closing cycles

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