1 Customer

  • Leading regional U.S. bank

2 Business Situation

  • No centralized oversight due to silos in Quality control (QC) teams embedded within lines of business
  • Inefficient model as FTEs not cross utilized
  • No standard QC methodologies followed

3 Solutioning

  • Assessment of QC operations across the bank using SmarTransTM
  • Set up a centralized QC team of cross trained resources
  • Leveraged SLK process knowledge to support QC for identified processes
  • Standard QC & reporting methodology defined

4 Execution

  • Merged security roles of processes from the same line of business
  • Defined QC sampling and reporting methodology
  • Started with 2 departments
  • Currently the CoE is servicing 17 departments, 7 roles supporting these departments

5 Value Delivered

QC cost dramatically reduced
  • Cost effective structure with centralized & cross trained teams
Customized Dashboards & Reporting
Efficiency opportunities with shared service model
  • Process standardization with SOP creation and real time updates

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