1 Customer

  • A Top 20 U.S. Bank

2 Business Situation

  • DQ Rule Migration - Bank procured Attacama for assessing data quality. Implementation required migration of rules from Information Analyzer to Attacama. The deployment required manual intervention and Attacama knowledge.

3 Solutioning

  • A well defined Product Roadmap and migration plan to re-discover and publish rules in Ataccama by inventorying and translating logic from the earlier solution – IBM Information Analyzer

4 Execution

  • Migration plan driven by SLK custom risk & value framework
  • Validate the System of record for source rules and identifying needs of target database
  • Re-discovered and published technical rules in the new tool
  • Tested the new tool outcomes after Migration of rules
  • Matched the outcomes of the two tools for their scheduled run of rules.

5 Value Delivered

~ 4000 rules covering 9 DRD migrated within 2 months

This is great!!!! Thank you !!
Thank you all so much for helping us to complete this critical deliverable

Program Director

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