1 Customer

  • A Top 20 U.S. Retail and commercial Bank

2 Business Situation

  • 1.2M customer records across consumer and commercial banking with incomplete information
  • Required master data de-duplication

3 Solutioning

  • Combination of data experts and banking domain experts deployed
  • Designed processes to capture missing information from various systems of origin and documents

4 Execution

  • Designed an operating model to ensure completeness and accuracy of customer data
  • Priority of de-duplication based on risk impact
  • Set up consolidation services and operationalized the de-duplication process
  • Created ‘’Golden Party’’ data for further analysis and business decisions

5 Value Delivered

Over 99.5% data completeness achieved
Better decision making based on ‘Golden Party’ data analysis

Thanks again for your hard work on this process and our BAU-type work as well.We have built a strong team and I am confident in the work that you are doing for the Bank.

Associate Vice President, Master Data Management

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