1 Customer

  • Top 10 Title Insurance Underwriting company

2 Business Situation

  • Customer’s Property search process had many exceptions
  • Differing procedures and procedural updates made it hard to manage

3 Solutioning

  • SLK created detailed procedures to take care of procedural exceptions
  • Introduced three level process of Search, Exam & Typing with appropriate quality control

4 Execution

  • Started with small team and low volumes (5-10 orders a day) to first improve quality levels
  • Later, hired experienced staff to scale-up to full capacity

5 Value Delivered

65% improvement in Quality within a span of 7 months
59% faster: 14 Hours Average Turn-Time in achieved in SLK compared to 24 hours at customer site

It’s all your great efforts that the performance trend is showing incredible results. Keep up the good work

Manager, Title Insurance Underwriting Company

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