1 Customer

  • A National Mortgage lender

2 Business Situation

  • Unable handle seasonal volume fluctuation - upto 200% and leading to purchase of fewer correspondent loans
  • Intra month volume fluctuation leading to TAT deviation and dissatisfaction of Correspondent Loan originators
  • Higher business target to generate higher revenue through buying more Correspondent Loans

3 Solutioning

  • Proactive forecasting of volume in co-ordination with Client’s Business Units
  • Adequate staffing to manage forecasted volume with 25% buffer and a cost sharing model with Client
  • Cross trained resources between processes to manage intra month volume fluctuations
  • Additional processes offshored to SLK to meet business turn times

4 Execution

  • Hired resources proactively Ensured adequate staffing availability to meet high inflow of seasonal and market driven volume
  • Created a dedicated training team to train resources and meet aggressive timelines
  • Ramp-ups monitored by training team with continual feedback and re-orientation trainings. Certification criteria was designed to meet business requirements
  • Periodic review of Client’s business objective assisted in proactive decision making on resource deployment

5 Value Delivered

Increased funding from $300M/month to $1B/month
within 18 months of association

It’s been great to work with this group, when we thought 50% of the SLK staff was shut down due to the virus, they regrouped and found us new staff and got them trained in 30 days, we appreciate all you’ve done for the partnership and look forward to growing the relationship!

EVP, Capital Markets & Correspondent

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