1 Customer

  • Leading Insurance servicer in the United States, specialized in LPI business.

2 Business Situation

  • Delay in updating the home owners insurance information resulting in financial impact and compliance issues
  • New client win leading to increased volumes but pandemic situation making it difficult to manage volume spikes
  • SLK Global, already a trusted partner and supporting 90% of work for the customer was engaged to manage the volume surge from new client win

3 Solutioning

  • Proactive discussions with customer seeking their approval for the SLK team to support its operations from a remote work from home model
  • Enabled a work from home model for all resources aligned to the process
  • Remote hiring & onboarding model deployed to cater to additional resource requirements
  • Virtual training

4 Execution

  • Stringent data security ensured in the remote work model through effective controls
  • Deployment of remote team monitoring methods and tools to ensure performance at par or better compared to a work from office model
  • Stringent performance management measures implemented
  • Dedicated SME’s aligned to support the team

5 Value Delivered

Enabled the Customer to meet compliance requirements and improve customer satisfaction
100% work from home by SLK Global enabled the customer to manage business as usual and also provided the scalability to take on additional business from the new client

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