1 Customer

  • Issuing bank, client of third largest merchant acquirer in U.S

2 Business Situation

  • Managing surge in chargeback volumes due to EMV upgrade
  • Volume – 2.5x times regular volume

3 Solutioning

  • Swift hiring, on boarding of dedicated team
  • Creative truncated training modules

4 Execution

  • Team ramp up 10 FTEs to 28 (in 8 weeks) to manage sudden volume growth
  • Overtime to manage additional volume

5 Value Delivered

Handled chargeback volume surge from implementation of new regulation
  • Within day 43 for representment
  • Quality levels above 98%
  • Ageing restored to 15 days

Thank you for all of your focus and hard work. The efforts of you and your team are recognized and greatly appreciated by the leadership team.
Please express my gratitude to your team. Very well done!

Senior Leader, Fraud & Disputes Services

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