1 Customer

  • Regional US Bank with large Retail and Commercial Banking operations

2 Business Situation

  • Volume peaks and troughs, backlog of 15,000 items
  • Staffing up to handle volume peaks (weekly, and during the holiday season) was uneconomical

3 Solutioning

  • Utilized newly implemented check platform - created 9 different “queues” to handle the different types of requests to meet cut-off time
  • Automated efficiency-enhancing tool – merge outgoing customer mail files

4 Execution

  • Cross training among agents to handle volume variations
  • Deployed additional resources and extended extra work hours
  • Redundant operations at 2 SLK locations for BCP purposes

5 Value Delivered

Efficiently handled volume variations at no additional cost to customer
  • Average +/-30%, peak almost 100%
  • 15,000 item backlog cleared while increasing quality levels
Low error/ rework rate achieved
  • Accuracy levels increased to 99.9875% (125 DPMO)

We had a big challenge to get caught up with the increased volume and your efforts helped us accomplish our goal

Vice President, Cash Management - Leading Commercial Bank

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