1 Customer

  • A top 20 U.S. bank

2 Business Situation

  • Huge spike in card disputes triggered by the pandemic situation primarily due to:
    • Prepaid orders for merchandise/ services not received
    • Cancellation of services which were no longer available
  • Write-off threshold on disputed transactions raised from $20 to $50 to manage volume spikes resulting in significant losses for the Bank

3 Solutioning

  • Card Dispute CoE team aligned to the project to manage volume spikes
  • The team identified a solution for helping the Bank reduce losses
    • Revisited all disputed transactions incurring losses to the Bank to identify if chargeback rights were available

4 Execution

  • Processed chargebacks wherever possible to recover monetary loss incurred by the Bank
  • Initiated chargebacks on earlier write off cases and recovered $574K in losses

5 Value Delivered

Improved end customer satisfaction with faster dispute resolution
Recovery of $574K in losses for the Bank within 10 days of dispute intimation date
Accuracy levels consistently above SLAs (set at 95%)
  • Delivered exceptional quality levels of 98.54% while managing volume spikes within a short span of time

Thank you team for your hard work and diligence on these files.
This adds over $570K in additional potential recoveries. We appreciate all your support!

Director, Disputes Resolution & Recoveries