1 Customer

  • A Regional U.S. Bank

2 Business Situation

  • Unable to meet the required quality threshold set by ‘Credit Risk Review’ (CRR) teams
    • Significant Category – 98%
    • Moderate Category – 90%
    • Minor Category – 75%
  • Core underwriting team utilized for regular underwriting review to meet the thresholds
  • Inability to perform quality audits of underwriting functions before final CRR audit

3 Solutioning

  • Identified gaps in existing process documentation and created a plan for enhancing the existing documentation
  • Identified the need to provide actionable analytics from the QC’s completed by SLK
  • Engaged with the CRR team to understand objective of the audits

4 Execution

  • Prepared an audit checklist
  • Rigorous process trainings conducted for the team
  • Standard Operating Procedures and process maps created
  • Weekly and monthly analysis on the audits performed and actionable insights shared with the customers underwriting team

5 Value Delivered

Enabled the Bank in meeting investor guidelines requirements and improving loan salability
  • No errors reported in the ‘Significant Category’ by bank’s third line of defense (CRR Reviews)
  • Adhered to error threshold set by CRR team for Moderate & Minor error categories
Eliminate recurrence of errors
  • Weekly analysis shared with business unit to take appropriate preventive measures

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