1 Customer

  • Independent Mortgage Lender

2 Business Situation

  • Looking to create analytical models to:
    • Check integrity and accuracy of income calculations
    • Provide insights on the borrowers capacity to repay/ chances of defaulting
    • Identifying borrowers to contact for loan modification, revised payment plan etc.
    • Forensic examination of portfolio for sale of loans in the secondary market

3 Solutioning

  • SLK supported the analytics by re-computing DTI for the full portfolio of loans
  • Analysis of DTI by:
    • Credit Score
    • LTV
    • Gift Amount
    • Loan Product
    • Property Type

4 Execution

  • Other analysis by:
    • Number of borrowers
    • Additional income and health benefits
    • Area of the property
    • Number of vehicles owned

5 Value Delivered

Early warning of possible default
  • Potential reduction in repurchase
  • Rebalancing of portfolio to manage risk
  • Reduced foreclosure risks

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