1 Customer

  • Top U.S. Bank originating Residential Mortgages

2 Business Situation

  • TRID rules were finalized and deadline was fast approaching
  • Not enough resources to continue with current processing while transitioning to new TRID rules

3 Solutioning

  • Collaboration with Bank to understand regulatory change & manage via flexibility in staffing
  • 84 pre-underwriting and 45 post-closing changes implemented; quickly adapted to process changes using change management techniques
  • Implemented progressive checklists for Closing End to End processes to create efficiency
  • Shift changes to enhance cycle time by 12 Hours for 70% of loans at Closing stage; proactive resource deployment in advance of TRID deadlines
  • Implementation Turn Time targets for Steady State
    • Rule based processes - 45 days (Intent to Proceed and Pre-Funding Review)
    • Decision based processes - 60 days

5 Value Delivered

Increased Regulatory Compliance
  • All regulatory deadlines met
  • 80% changes implemented on TRID changeover day as required
  • Operational Flexibility:
    Simultaneous management of both Pre-TRID and Post-TRID loans

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