1 Customer

  • U.S. based leading lender

2 Business Situation

  • Challenges faced:
    • Less Turn Around Time & resources to monitor the Originator’s Social Media Usage.
    • Rising Cost & Risk of Non Compliance.
    • Civil penalties for violating  consumer  protection laws are as high as $1.09 Million per  day (UDAAP -CFPB)
    • Reputation Risk.

3 Solutioning

  • Systematic examination & audit of social media profiles & digital footprint of employees that represent their company on social media platforms. Especially loan officers who are using social media and online marketing to generate client leads.
  • Audit trail of compliance reviews, Narrative explanations for violations or exceptions
  • Analysis of the social chatter about the organization from customers while also providing sentiment analysis.

5 Value Delivered

  • Help develop a clear understanding by WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHY & WHERE Social Media violations transpire
  • Help establish social media governance
  • Help Identify unauthorized profiles, Dispose unnecessary profiles
Social media activity:
  • Monitor & Manage Brand Awareness & Image
  • Examine the interaction between viewers and posted content
  • Branch/ Demographic-wise trend analysis, identify influencers, emotion detection, improve campaign performance
  • Analysis can help gather competitive intelligence

I ‘ve heard this feedback from several customers creating SM orders- they speak to their MLOs and the MLOs tell them they are not on social media or have any accounts- WRONG! Our awesome team ends up finding several social media accounts that belonged to the MLOs! One lender said we found 7 social media pages!

Director- Client Solutions

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