1 Customer

  • Leading US Bank

2 Business Situation

  • Bank has outsourced over 100 processes, with more than 900 FTEs to SLK
  • BCP and DR plans to avoid service interruptions
  • Plans had to be implemented but changed periodically as the scope and size of the operations expanded

3 Solutioning

  • Comprehensive plans based on inputs from 9+ lines of business on RTO, Criticality of the processes
  • Teams sizes were planned and growth was managed
  • Periodic review of plans based on process changes and team size changes
  • Testing instituted to check robustness of the plans; followed by audits

4 Execution

  • Illustrative results from BCP Testing
    • Workstations unavailable test - recovered in 2hr 40 min (required RTO - 6 hours)
    • Router/ Switch lost - 35 mins for Router, 25 mins for Switch (RTO - 1 Hour)
    • Application corrupt – 50 min recovery on backup machine (RTO – 1 hour)
    • Utility and backup power shutdown – 1 hour 5 mins recovery using truck-mounted generator (RTO required – 6 hours)

5 Value Delivered

No critical disruption in service (past 11 years) including during man-made emergencies (transport strike, protest rallies)

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