1 Customer

  • Top 20 U.S. Commercial bank

2 Business Situation

  • Large time and effort to perform quality checks for flood zone and other changes to loan portfolio
  • Errors in system changes and in meeting compliance requirements (e.g. NFIP flood zone requirements)

3 Solutioning

  • SLK assessment determined that the Copasys® Enterprise wide QC automation solution would work best for quality control and compliance checks across any process and in this case, specific to hazard insurance process
  • Recommended ownership around scoping and implementation of the automation and ongoing governance, change management and support activities
  • Recommended data analytics for trend analysis and improving upstream processes

4 Execution

  • Configured application and developed rules based automation customized for the Bank’s testing objectives
  • Validated and deployed new automated QC solution for Hazard insurance process into the bank’s production environment

5 Value Delivered

Reduction of time to complete QC from
  • 45 minutes to 3 minutes for non-participating flood test (20X faster)
  • 30 minutes to 3 minutes for flood zone change (20X faster)
100% accuracy for test results, next steps, and corrective actions
CUSTOMIZED dynamic reporting with actionable insights and executive dashboards INTEGRATED to the Bank’s business requirements

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