Copasys is an enterprise-wide digital platform which automates business process testing across an organization’s quality check, business controls and regulatory compliance functions, including already automated processes. It is designed to help financial institutions get unprecedented optics into their business processes by identifying deficiencies quickly, increasing sample size and providing actionable insights. It uses intelligent automation and advanced data analytics to reduce the risk of non-compliance, increase efficiency and streamline quality checks and compliance.

We help organizations achieve:

High speed targeted
process testing

Get results in hours, get wider optics over portfolio health and reduce risk.

Continuous process improvements

Identify gaps at early stages, remediate defects at root-cause and prevent recurrence.

Centralization and standardization

Leverage a consolidated data platform for insights based on the latest regulatory guidelines.

Powered by 20 years of industry experience, Copasys covers all three lines of defense and can provide insights and assistance to external auditors and regulators.

Our key modules include:

Business impact delivered

Testing 100% of hazard insurance changes 15X faster with 100% accuracy with Copasys

  • Reduction of time to complete QC from
    • 45 minutes to 3 minutes for non-participating flood test (15X faster)
    • 30 minutes to 3 minutes for flood zone change (10X faster)
  • 100% accuracy for test results, next steps, and corrective actions
  • CUSTOMIZED dynamic reporting with actionable insights and executive dashboards INTEGRATED to the Bank’s business requirements

Compliance Audit and QC in Loss Mitigation
with our automated compliance & QC
platform Copasys

  • Initiating certain loss mitigation testing rules via Copasys coupled with effective remediation activities helps:
    • Significantly reduce the consumers' risk of property loss due and/ or inadequate loss mitigation activities

In addition to Copasys, our other solutions include:

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