Customer Contact Center

Cross-Industry Solution

Enhance customer experience & save costs with our Omnichannel Contact Center.

12% improvement in first call resolution to minimize false placement of lender placed insurance.

Data & Analytics

Cross-Industry Solution

Enhance data quality & make better business decisions with our Data & Analytics Solutions.

30% improvement in data quality in several lines of business for a top 20 U.S. Bank.

Information Security & Risk Management

Cross-Industry Solution

Prevent threats from information leakages and stay compliant with regulatory needs.

Over 80% reduction in turn time in application access setup and control management.

Finance & Accounting Services

Cross-Industry Solution

Optimize costs and enhance efficiency with our Finance & Accounting Services.

80% reduction in response time for Account Payable queries

Enterprise-wide automated platform for QC and Regulatory Compliance: Copasys

Digital Platform

Achieve an efficient and effective testing environment with Copasys, our automated platform for QC and Regulatory Com...

Compliance Audit and QC in Payment Processing with our automated compliance & QC platform Copasys

Our professionals annually support: