Data & Analytics

Our Data & Analytics Services can support the end to end data journey from data management to data analytics and can help achieve:

30% improvement in data quality

Improve operational efficiency by improved data quality.

30% lower cost of ownership

Reduce cost of data operations with optimized global service delivery.

Enhance customer experience & business value

Drive business growth with data monetization.

Translate data into actionable insights.

Our Services:


Business impact delivered

Delivered 99.5% + data completeness in master data de-duplication of 1.2M customer records

  • Master data de-duplication of 1.2M customer records
  • Better decision making based on ‘Golden Party’ data analysis
  • Over 99.5% data completeness achieved

30% improvement in data quality in several lines of business for a Bank

  • SLK made the sole vendor for Bank’s data quality program
  • 30% - 40% improvement in data quality
  • Over 95% data completeness achieved


In addition to Data & Analytics, our services includes:

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