Mortgage Origination

Pre-underwriting Support Solution: LoanAccel

Digital Solution

Drive innovation and speed in mortgage lending with our pre-underwriting support solution LoanAccel.

Clear to close in 16 days, application to underwriting time less than 1 hour for 1-touch files for a leading lea...

Mortgage Quality Audits/Checks

Business Process Management

Consistently improve loan quality and process efficiency across the mortgage lifecycle with Mortgage QC

14% improvement in quality of underwriting of mortgage loans for a top 25 U.S. Bank.

Mortgage Origination Support

Business Process Management

Improve processes and governance while lowering cost with our Mortgage Services.

45% productivity increase and 50% faster turn time in residential mortgage input function for a top 25 U.S. Bank.

Our professionals annually support:

Mortgage Servicing

Automated platform for enterprise-wide business process testing: Copasys

Digital Platform

Automate enterprise-wide business process testing, and use business intelligence to improve efficiency with C...

Compliance Audit and QC in Payment Processing with our automated compliance & QC platform Copasys

Property Tax Platform - RETS

Digital Platform

Enhance precision and efficiency in tax servicing with our technology-enabled property tax platform RETS

Achieving 99.999% accuracy in commercial tax payment processing using RETS.

Mortgage Servicing Support

Business Process Management

Delight customers and achieve quicker turn time with our Mortgage Servicing Support Services.

20% lower costs while delivering same day turn around in loan servicing requests.

Default Management Solutions

Business Process Management

Be future-ready and adapt to market volatility with our suite of Default Management Solutions.

20% Lower Costs while Delivering Same Day Turn Around in Loan Servicing Requests

Collections Support Services

Business Process Management

Scale up to meet market demands and enhance customer experience with our Collections Support Services.

67% faster response rate to customer requests for a top 20 U.S. Bank.

Property Search Platform - SmartProp

Digital Platform

Digitize your title insurance operations and enhance agility with our property title search platform SmartPro...

70% quicker property search reports using SmartProp®.

Property Tax Platform - SmartTrak

Digital Platform

Secure and accelerate your tax reporting using technology with our property tax platform SmartTrak®.

Managing volume surges using SmartTrak® tax reports.

Our professionals annually support:


Customer Contact Center

Cross-Industry Solution

Enhance customer experience & save costs with our Omnichannel Contact Center.

12% improvement in first call resolution to minimize false placement of lender placed insurance.

Data & Analytics

Cross-Industry Solution

Enhance data quality & make better business decisions with our Data & Analytics Solutions.

30% improvement in data quality in several lines of business for a top 20 U.S. Bank.

Information Security & Risk Management

Cross-Industry Solution

Prevent threats from information leakages and stay compliant with regulatory needs.

Over 80% reduction in turn time in application access setup and control management.

Finance & Accounting Services

Cross-Industry Solution

Optimize costs and enhance efficiency with our Finance & Accounting Services.

80% reduction in response time for Account Payable queries

Our professionals annually support:

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