Job Title: Assistant Manager - Legal Operations

Job-ID-000 | Pune

Years of experience required:

5 - 7 years



Job Description

  • Interpretation of contractual clauses – this intervention is required when a discrepancy is flagged by the team. Also, at the client level, need to justify, the reason with proper interpretation of a clause against which metadata has been captured in the system. i.e. termination, term, pricing, etc.
  •  Contract Knowledge – each contract is of different nature being with different vendors and accordingly their interpretation of clauses varies. Sometimes the clauses will not be straightforward (intending the nature) and hence need to study/infer to identify the correct and accurate metadata for the client.
  • Contract language – there are various legal languages available in the contract (being drafted & vetted by a lawyer) which is out of scope for a layman to understand (being not familiar).
  • Contract type – some of the contracts are pretty much not straight forward so as to identify its type i.e. SOW, addendum, order, schedule, standalone, etc. A thorough go through of the same is required to identify the type and nature. It has been multiple times evidenced that we have opined client over the same crossing the provided advise.
  • Handling resources when they are lawyers – as per my past & present experience, handling a team of lawyers requires a person from legal background (and hence companies do hire) to manage them or else it would be difficult in terms of understanding their thought process as they have the ability to jumble things very easily.

Posted On

July 5, 2021

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