Property & Casualty Insurance Services

A suite of business process services and agile automation through technology-enabled solutions delivering reduced operational costs, improved customer responsiveness and driving sustained efficiency gains.

We help insurance carriers, brokers and managing general agents transform their insurance operations and achieve:

15% improved efficiency

Increase productivity in document processing with adherence to turn times.

35% cost savings

Reduce operational costs with global delivery and transactional pricing.

Over 98% accuracy & enhanced customer service

Stringent quality checks to improve First Time Right ratio & faster customer response turn times

Our professionals support: Processing of over 7M documents, data verification/QC of 6M documents and over 1.6M contact center calls

Our Services

Business Impact Delivered

32% increase in productivity for data entry

  • 32% increase in document processing productivity
    • From 19 docs per hour to 25 docs per hour
  • Consistently exceeding accuracy levels and turn time service levels
    • 26 end clients supported for our customer

12% improvement in first call resolution to minimize false placement of lender placed insurance

  • Reached 53% first call resolution from earlier 41%
  • Reduced false placements of Lender Placed Insurance
  • Customer could focus on inbound customer calls as SLK managed all outbound volumes


In addition to our Property & Casualty Insurance Services,
our other solutions include: